Monday, April 27, 2015

My Solar System Video

So we needed to make a video for our Ed. Tech. and Design class. My group had chosen the Solar System as our focus for our thematic unit, and we each needed to make our video pertaining to that. We chose 2nd grade as the grade we were focusing on, so I made a pretty simple video. I think it would be pretty easy for student to create a similar video and put their own spin on it.

Doing a video project gives students the chance to be very creative. They can record a video of them presenting the information in a fun way, they can add pictures to the video, and they can record their voice, or whatever the students want to do. A video allows students to use their imaginations in a new, fun way.

Using technology in different ways is a fantastic tool for educators to use because students are having fun with the technology and are learning at the same time. Usually, students retain information better if they are doing a project that they find fun and interesting.

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